Emergency response from our CEO

As your trusted cleaning service, we at Promise Total Services, Inc. understand you rely on us to keep you safe. We whole heartedly rise to the challenge of protecting and preserving the life, property, and the environment of our treasured clients to the best of our ability.

Here’s what Promise is doing:

We are up to date with the cleaning guidelines set by the CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) and have taken the time to train our employees with strict protocol. We categorize each building as Preventative (zero known corona cases in-building), Suspecting (potential corona cases in-building), or Confirmed (confirmed corona cases in-building) and proceed accordingly with the understanding that this status is constantly changing and must be tended to daily. We closely monitor the health of our Promise TSI employees so as not to endanger our clients, and ask for the same in return. Communication is more important now than ever before.

Here’s what Promise offers:

We have created a One Stop Shop for all your disinfecting needs consisting of 3 Levels of service as follows:


Promise TSI's Standard Cleaning with Disinfectants

All of the disinfectants we use are CDC approved and EPA registered. Our standard cleaning using these disinfectants is offered as our Level 1 preventative measure against COVID-19.


Promise TSI's Enhanced Cleaning with Disinfectants and Detailed Wiping

Our trained disinfecting staff use medical grade and CDC approved disposable wipes and disinfectant sprays on high-traffic areas such as: keyboards, phones, door handles, and other areas requested by our clients. All chemicals used are medical grade, CDC approved. This service is our Level 2 preventative measure against COVID-19.


Promise TSI's Most Advanced Cleaning with Disinfectants and Electrostatic Spraying

Promise TSI offers a special electrostatic spraying service that is best for large square footage areas. Our professionally trained and certified staff is qualified to spray disinfectant and antimicrobial shield on multi-surfaces in large areas. The chemical used is clinically proven to not only kill viruses and bacteria, but also to leave a protective film on surfaces that serves as a “shield” for up to 90 days. Level 3 is our most recommended and our highest disinfecting preventative measure against COVID-19.

Additional Services:

Copper Infused Antimicrobial Protection for elevator buttons and door handles.

These copper-infused adhesives are self-sanitizing and offer ongoing antimicrobial protection for as long as the patch is in place. They are made from a registered antimicrobial copper alloy that has been extensively evaluated against various microorganisms. It has been proven effective by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who have specifically tested and shown antimicrobial copper to be highly effective against pathogens that cause some of the most destructive sickness in humans. This unique class of copper begins to kill bacteria on contact and continuously kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Helen Yoo


Helen Yoo serves as the founder and CEO of Promise Total Services, Inc. She has a history of long lasting business partnerships and attributes her success to her years of experience in the janitorial service industry, her core values of being Proactive, Responsive, Observant, Meticulous, Innovative, Sensible, and Ethical, and her devotion to follow through with her commitments. As the name suggests, the company’s focus on reliability and customer satisfaction is the backbone of Promise TSI, resulting in solid communication, quick turn-arounds, and exceptional quality.

Since its founding in 2003, Promise TSI has grown from its humble beginnings to hundreds of properties and loyal employees in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston Texas. Because of Helen’s heavy involvement in all facets of the company, Promise TSI has the unique quality of functioning at the caliber of a global company while having the distinct personal touch of a family business.

Helen was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea with three siblings in a home full of music. She went on to major in piano, earning a Bachelor of Music at Yonsei University, then came to America to continue her studies at the master’s level with a harnessed focus on musicology. Helen is a proud mother of two and always aims to live an exemplary life of faith and gratitude.


M.M. Coursework in Musicology, Stephen F. Austin State University
B.M. in Piano, Yonsei University


Cell: 214-317-0387
[email protected]